Hello World

Hello and welcome!


I am Michael Zeevi, a Senior DevOps engineer, geek, and atheist. I’m passionate about Linux, technology (especially if it’s free/libre open-source software), privacy, cyber-security, the natural sciences (physics, etc...), navigation and environmentalism.

The core of this site is my personal technical blog, in which I discuss and share various tips, tricks, approaches, insights and thoughts related to the technology and tools which I use at home and work, and various topics surrounding them.


Apart from my passion for technology (above), I’ve collected and dropped many hobbies over the years... I’ll try to list a few here that could be cool conversation starters or just interesting to ask about!


If you want to get in touch, ask anything, suggest feedback, collaborate or whatever then you can reach out to me using one of the contact methods listed at the bottom/left or on my

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